The art that I make surrounds and envelops me completely. It's the most, it's issima! I alter, replace, reconstruct and remove ceilings, windows and walls to control the space and light making it balanced and harmonic. I alter the color and texture of the spaces I live and work in. I move earth and rocks, plants and trees to enjoy visual serenity of my surroundings. I seek comfort of soul and body in these ways. I make two and three dimensional art that expresses the joy that these places bring me. I am leaving my mark on canvas, floors, walls, the earth and the minds of the people who experience my little world. Check out some current friends on Society 6. You just might want to own some.

Summer Laundry Hanging Out To Dry

Summer Laundry Hanging Out To Dry

I am influenced by:

  • working friend-artists all around me: Alia, Katie, Max, Sigrid, Chicho, Araxe, Susan, Cooch, Jason, Robin.

  • layers of direct color mixing of Wolf Kahn

  • David Hockney’s marked up patterns and flattened depth

  • expressionistic markings of Alexei Jawlensky

  • Wm. H. Johnson’s use of rich, jewely color & patterns

  • architectural structures of Gaudi, “Bucky” Fuller, Mario Botta, classisists

  • layered textured surfaces from ancient Hercolano and Pompeii

Best Quotes:

“Art is both creation and recreation. Of the two ideas, I think art as recreation or as sheer play of the human spirit is more important.”-Lin Yutang, The Importance of Living, 1937

"by educating showgoers about artists' philosophies and techniques, as well as contemporary arts movements and the events that have shaped them, we can only increase enthusiasm about this world of art. The more one knows about the art and artists, the less one is intimidated by them.” IDK

“Everyone is an artist. Every culture makes art. Call yourself an artist and go make art. Make your mark.” -me, I've told my students and peers this a million times!

“Art is an integral to the development of cognitive skills such as listening, thinking, problem solving, matching form to function and decision making”...p. 25 harvard ed review Vol. 61 Feb. 1991

“The arts can also open pathways toward understanding the richness of peoples cultures that inhabit our world” -IDK…   “but, art is art. It is it’s own subject with it’s own history and development, it’s own set of rules and elements and should be taught as such. The creative process is an innate and spiritual part of each human being and must be allowed to flourish for the person to grow.”-me